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Cardiovascular Genetics


325W   Genotype-phenotype correlation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Evaluation of a new slice mutation by minigene functional assay. E. Maioli, M. Marini, M. I. Parodi, M. L. Galli, M. Castagnetta, D. A. Coviello, R. Ravazzolo, P. Spirito, L. Perroni.

326W   BRAP, encoded by a gene associated with myocardial infarction, binds several key inflammatory molecules. K. Ozaki, Y. Onouchi, Y. Nakamura, T. Tanaka.

327W   Hierarchical clustering of genetic variants according to their effect size on multiple lipid phenotypes. J. Engert, S. Bailey, P. Lee, N. Rudzicz, I. Karp.

328W   Unraveling the genetics behind lymphedema with whole exome sequencing and near-infrared fluorescence imaging. M. L. Gonzalez-Garay, C. T. Caskey, E. M. Sevick, O. Hall, C. E. Fife, E. A. Maus.

329W   Genome-wide association study of transcripts for genes implicated in GWAS studies for coronary artery disease and blood phenotypes. C. J. O’Donnell, A. D. Johnson, A. Hendricks, S. Hwang, J. E. Freedman, X. Zhang.

330W   Genetic determinants of multiple circulating inflammatory biomarkers and their relationship to incident heart failure. V. K. Topkara, J. Chu, C. C. Gu.

331W   Assessment of a possible relation between osteoporosis and hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats and recombinant inbred strains. R. El Bikai, P. Dumas, J. Peng, S. Koltsova, V. Křen, M. Pravenec, O. Seda, J. Tremblay, P. Hamet.

332W   Associations between fibrinolysis pathway genes and ischemic stroke in young adults. Y. Cheng, Y. J. Kim, J. W. Cole, S. J. Kittner, B. D. Mitchell.

333W   FBN1 and TGFBR2 mutations in patients with bicuspid aortic valve. N. R. Abdulkareem, G. Arno, J. A. Aragon-Martin, A. H. Child, M. Jahangiri.

334W   Association study of Fms-related tyrosine kinase 1 (FLT-1) gene polymorphisms with the occurrence of coronary artery disease in Koreans. P. Ahram, S. Dong-Jik, P. Boram, S. Nak-Hoon, L. Jin-Woo, K. Jisun, P. Sungha, L. Sang-Hak, J. Yangsoo.

335W   The genetics of dilated cardiomyopathy: A prioritized candidate gene study. K. Desbiens, N. Giannetti, I. Ruel, J. Genest, J. Engert.

336W   Knockouts of the murine ortholog of the atypical Williams-Beuren tyrosine-protein kinase gene Baz1b present cardiac and circadian rhythm impairments. G. Didelot, C. Berthonneche, A. Sarre, Y. Emmenegger, P. Franken, T. Pedrazzini, A. Reymond.

337W   Association of PLA2G4A with myocardial infarction is modulated by dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids. J. Hartiala, S. Vikman, E. Gilliam, H. Campos, H. Allayee.

338W   Variation at the INSIG2 gene is associated with myocardial infarction in multiple ethnicities of the INTERHEART study. S. Hooda, R. Do, G. Pare, A. Montpetit, N. Rudzicz, T. Hudson, S. Yusuf, S. Anand, J. Engert.

339W   Vitamin D association of sequence variants in the SVEP1 gene and the prediction of mortality and myocardial infarction. B. D. Horne, J. B. Muhlestein, J. F. Carlquist, D. J. Rader, H. T. May, M. P. Reilly, J. L. Anderson.

340W   Prediction of vitamin D levels using three significant SNPs from a genome-wide association study. S. Knight, J. L. Anderson, B. D. Horne, H. T. May, J. Huntinghouse, J. F. Carlquist, J. B. Muhlestein.

341W   Rare recurrent DNA copy number variants associated with syndromic cardiovascular malformations. S. R. Lalani, C. Shaw, X. Wang, A. Patel, L. W. Patterson, K. E. Kolodziejska, P. Szafranski, Z. Ou, Q. Tian, S. L. Kang, A. Jinnah, A. M. Baycroft, S. Ali, A. Malik, P. Hixson, L. Potocki, J. R. Lupski, P. Stankiewicz, C. A. Bacino, B. Dawson, A. L. Beaudet, F. M. Boricha, R. Whittaker, C. Li, S. M. Ware, S. W. Cheung, J. L. Jefferies, J. W. Belmont.

342W   Excess of deleterious mutations in genes associated with VEGF-A in Down syndrome-related heart defects. C. L. Maslen, D. Babcock, B. Reshey, J. Thusberg, S. Mooney, E. Feingold, R. H. Reeves, S. L. Sherman.

343W   Defining a new syndrome of arterial calcification with segmental sclerosis: A systems approach to diagnosis. K. Menghrajani, D. Yang, C. Shuen, T. Markello, R. Rupps, M. Boehm, W. A. Gahl, C. F. Boerkoel.

344W   Investigation of the role of PLXNA2 in genetic susceptibility to congenital heart disease. O. Migita, A. C. Lionel, C. R. Marshall, S. W. Scherer, C. K. Silversides, A. S. Bassett.

345W   Association of genomic loci from a cardiovascular gene SNP array with plasma B-type natriuretic peptide concentration in African Americans: The Jackson Heart Study. S. K. Musani, V. S. Ramachandran, A. Bidulescu, H. Nagarajarao, P. Singh, T. E. Samdarshi, M. W. Steffes, H. A. Taylor, E. R. Fox.

346W   Screening for microdeletions and sequencing candidate genes associated with conotruncal heart defects. K. Osoegawa, D. M. Iovannisci, M. B. Ladner, K. Schultz, C. Parodi, F. Cohen, D. Noonan, A. Borg, G. M. Shaw, E. Trachtenberg, E. J. Lammer.

347W   Exome sequencing and linkage filters identify novel candidate mutations in a family with left-ventricular non-compaction. S. Pan, R. Chen, M. Perez, K. Sallam, A. Pavlovic, F. Haddad, M. Snyder, E. Ashley.

348W   Novel associations of SNPs and transcripts with paraoxonase activity in Mexican American families. E. E. Quillen, D. L. Rainwater, T. D. Dyer, M. A. Carless, J. E. Curran, M. P. Johnson, H. H. H. Goring, J. W. MacCluer, E. K. Moses, J. Blangero, L. Almasy, M. C. Mahaney.

349W   Hunting for novel dilated cardiomyopathy genes using haplotype sharing and exome sequencing. R. J. Sinke, A. Pósafalvi, K. Y. van Spaendonck-Zwarts, J. P. van Tintelen, P. A. van der Zwaag, L. G. Boven, J. J. Bergsma, W. B. Koetsier, D. J. van Veldhuisen, M. P. van den Berg, R. M. W. Hofstra, J. D. H. Jongbloed.

350W   Massively parallel sequencing of the mitochondrial genome in patients with pediatric cardiomyopathies. M. Tariq, V. W. Zhang, F. Scaglia, L. J. Wong, S. M. Ware.

351W   Mutation in MYOF: A new cardiomyopathy gene? M. Wallace, M. Burch.

352W   Replication study of prior GWAS candidate genes/loci for coronary artery diseases in the genetic isolated Newfoundland and Labrador population. Y. Xie, J. Cui, E. Randell, J. Renouf, S. Li, A. Pope, S. Sun, W. Gullive, F. Han.

353W   SNP-based genome-wide analysis identifies a novel EFEMP2 mutation in four unrelated families with dilatation of the ascending aorta. Z. Al-Hassnan, S. Tulbah, A. Hakami, S. Mohammed, A. Al-Omrani, A. Almesned, M. Al-Fayyadh.

354W   A study of the adiponectin Q as a susceptibility gene for atherosclerosis. M. Al-Najai, M. Vigilla, E. Andres, S. Elhawari, D. Gueco, P. Muiya, N. Mazher, B. F. Meyer, M. Alshahid, N. Dzimiri.

355W   Thrombospondin 4 gene harbours a common susceptibility locus for atherosclerosis and its risk traits. M. M. Alrasheed, M. G. Vigilla, D. Gueco, P. Muiya, S. Elhawari, M. Al-Najai, E. Andres, B. F. Meyer, M. Alshahid, N. Dzimiri.

356W   Identification of additional genetic factors contributing to LQTS in the First Nations population in Northern BC. L. Arbour, S. Asuri, S. McIntosh, L. Fields.

357W   Genome-wide association study of hypertension in a diverse population. G. Beecham, A. Patel, N. Sikka, M. Nakamura, P. Goldschmidt-Clermont, M. Pericak-Vance, D. Seo.

358W   A genome-wide association study of carotid intima-medial thickness: A surrogate marker for cardiovascular disease. S. H. Blanton, A. H. Beecham, L. Wang, C. Dong, D. Della-Morte, D. Cabral, M. Elkind, R. Sacco, T. Rundek.

359W   Renin gene polymorphism modulates extent of hypertrophy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, independent of blood pressure. N. Carstens, L. Van der Merwe, M. Revera, M. Heradien, A. Goosen, P. A. Brink, J. C. Moolman-Smook.

360W   Blood pressure and retinal arterial narrowing: Assessing causality through Mendelian randomization. C. Y. Cheng, X. Sim, M. K. Ikram, B. Cornes, J. J. Wang, P. Mitchell, Y. Y. Teo, S. M. Saw, T. Aung, E. S. Tai, T. Y. Wong.

361W   A genome-wide gene expression association study of young-onset hypertension in Han Chinese population of Taiwan. K. M. Chiang, H. C. Yang, J. W. Chen, W. H. Pan.

362W   Cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac death in Newfoundland. F. Curtis, S. Connors, A. Williams, J. Houston, T. Young, K. Hodgkinson.

363W   Marfan Syndrome: A comparison of the Ghent nosologies. J. Dean, J. Crow, W. Lam.

364W   The complex genetics of ARVC/D in Maritime Canada. S. Dyack, J. Hathaway, A. Crowley, C. Gray, M. Gardner.

365W   Clinical, cytogenetic and molecular studies in Egyptian children with congenital heart disease. M. O. El Ruby, S. El-Seaady, N. Helmy, H. Hussein, A. El-Gerzawy, A. Fayez, G. Noreldin, A. Abdel-Rahman, N. Ismaeil, M. Kobeisy, R. Lotfy, A. El Darsh, I. Hussein.

366W   Motivation to pursue genetic testing in individuals with a personal or family history of cardiac events or sudden death. K. E. Erskine, L. Cohen, M. Stolerman, E. Paljevic, C. A. Walsh, T. V. McDonald, R. W. Marion, S. M. Dolan.

367W   Identification of EGFR polymorphisms that interact with body weight and systolic blood pressure in young Finnish adults and the prevalence of hypertension in elderly Canadians. M. Fan, T. Lehtimaki, O. Raitakari, M. Kähönen, R. W. Davies, L. Chen, G. A. Wells, R. McPherson, R. Roberts, A. F. R. Stewart.

368W   Prioritized-GWAS based on linkage information identifies novel putative loci influencing coagulation. F. Gagnon, A. Dimitromanolakis, G. Antoni, A. Martinez, N. Greliche, A. de Buil, J. M. Soria, P. E. Morange, P. S. Wells, D. A. Tregouet, L. Sun.

369W   Association of e2, e4 alleles of polymorphism Apo E in Mexican preeclampsia patients. M. Gallegos, Jr., A. Acevedo, L. E. Figuera, A. M. Puebla, G. M. Zuńga.

370W   Does genetics add value? Our experience of cardiac genetics referrals at Loma Linda University Medical Center Center in the USA, highlighting the need for a protocol for cardiac genetic work-ups. J. Gold, S. Ramanathan, J. Bartley, L. Bailey, R. Clark.

371W   Genome-wide association study for resting heart rate: Variants detection and replication. B. Gombojav, D. H. Lee, Y. S. Ju, J. I. Kim, J. S. Seo, M. Lee, Y. M. Song, K. Lee, J. Sung.

372W   Salt-sensitivity of blood pressure is strongly associated with polymorphisms in the sodium-bicarbonate symporter. L. Gordon, R. Carey, C. Schoeffel, J. Gildea, J. Jones, H. McGrath, M. Park, S. Williams, P. Jose, R. Felder.

373W   ENPP1 polymorphisms influence the risk of developing calcific aortic valve stenosis. S. Guauque-Olarte, V. Ducharme, N. Gaudreault, P. Pibarot, P. Mathieu, Y. Bossé.

374W   ABCA1 gene promoter DNA methylation is associated with a deterioration of HDL-cholesterol metabolism in familial hypercholesterolemia. S. Guay, D. Brisson, J. Munger, D. Gaudet, L. Bouchard.

375W   LQTS in Northern BC: A more severe cardiac phenotype but minimal impact on auditory function with homozygosity for KCNQ1 V205M rules out Jervell and Lange Nielson syndrome. H. Jackson, S. Lauson, R. Rupps, S. McIntosh, B. Casey, A. Tang, L. Arbour.

376W   Assumption-free heritability estimates of electrocardiographic measures in the TwinsUK study. Y. Jamshidi, I. M. Nolte, H. Riese, P. van der Harst, F. W. Asselbergs, T. D. Spector, H. Snieder.

377W   Genes and viruses in idiopathic (dilated) cardiomyopathy: A pilot study. I. P. C. Krapels, Y. H. J. M. Arens, A. T. J. M. Helderman-van den Enden, C. Eurlings, R. Jongbloed, A. van den Wijngaard, S. R. B. Heymans.

378W   Genetic testing for dilated cardiomyopathy in the United States: A health technology assessment. A. Lea, S. Levine, D. Allingham-Hawkins.

379W   MYLK and INK4/ARF genes are the susceptibility genes of cerebral small vessel disease in Chinese population. W. Li, G. Li, X. Zhao, B. Xin, J. Lin, Y. Shen, X. Liang, H. Gao, X. Liao, Z. Liang, Y. Wang.

380W   Novel ACTA2 mutation in a large family with familial thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections exhibiting reduced penetrance in a female carrier. M. A. McGinniss, H. Wang, J. N. Young, R. Calhoun, S. Mayberg, J. Martinezmoles, A. W. Grix, B. A. Westerfield, L. S. Pena, D. J. Penny, Y. Fan, S. A. Boyadjiev.

Complex Traits: Theory and Methods


381W   Single nucleotide polymorphisms analysis of INSL3 and RXFP2 genes in Mexican patients with idiopathic cryptorchidism. M. D. Chávez-Saldańa, J. C. Gutiérrez, I. Zamora, O. Cuevas, J. Rojas, O. Gutiérrez, E. Yokoyama, R. M. Vigueras.

382W   Molecular markers for effective prognosis in systemic lupus erythematosus patients at risk of renal and cardiovascular diseases. R. Chandirasekar, K. Sasikala, D. Nedumaran, K. Suresh, R. Jayakumar, R. Venkatesan, B. Laksmankumar, G. Karthik, S. Arun.

383W   Dynamic modularity beyond “date” and “party” hubs in protein-protein interaction networks. X. Chang, K. Wang.

384W   Testing for a mixture of effects on either disease or quantitative traits across a set of rare variants. G. Clarke, A. Morris.

385W   Pathway association analysis using an overall test for the most promising SNPs. M. Mattheisen, W. Yip, P. Lipman, C. Lange.

386W   Modeling of the interaction between the serotonin regulation pathway and the stress response, mediated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, using a Boolean approximation: A novel study for depression. O. A. Moreno-Ramos, M. C. Lattig, A. F. Gonzalez.

387W   Large-scale transcriptome study in the Sardinian founder population. M. Pala, M. Marongiu, A. Mulas, R. Cusano, F. Crobu, F. Reinier, R. Berutti, M. G. Piras, C. Jones, D. Schlessinger, G. Abecasis, A. Angius, S. Sanna, F. Cucca.

388W   Development and use of a pipeline to generate strand and position information for common genotyping chips. N. W. Rayner, M. I. McCarthy.

389W   Association of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene haplotypes with systemic lupus erythematosus in Kuwaiti Arabs. M. Haider, S. Alfadhli, B. Altamimy, K. Alsaeid.

390W   FRIZZLED mutations in patients with neural tube defects. V. Capra, P. De Marco, E. Merello, G. Piatelli, A. Cama, Z. Kibar.

391W   Replication of a FOXP2 association with motor sequencing during an oral task in families with familial speech sound disorder. B. Peter, M. Matsushita, K. Oda, W. Raskind.

392W   Relative impact of genetic and epigenetic factors on gene expression in tumor tissue samples. H. Dong, L. Jin, M. Xiong.

393W   eNOS (27bp deletion/insertion in intron 4) and Mn-SOD (p.Val16Ala) polymorphisms analysis in type 2 diabetic retinopathy patients from North India. P. Badhan, V. Vanita.

394W   NTF4 mutations in primary open-angle glaucoma. L. Chen, T. Ng, P. Tam, A. Fan, M. Zhang, C. Tham, N. Wang, D. Lam, C. Pang.

395W   Integrating gene expression data with genome-wide association studies to identify novel asthma susceptibility candidate genes. D. A. Cusanovich, C. Billstrand, C. Chavarria, K. Michelini, A. A. Pai, C. Ober, Y. Gilad.

396W   Genome-wide linkage and association analyses in uterine leiomyomata reveal FASN as predisposition gene. S. L. Eggert, R. Kavalla, K. L. Huyck, P. Somasundaram, E. A. Stewart, A. T. Lu, J. N. Painter, G. W. Montgomery, S. E. Medland, S. A. Treloar, L. Rose, P. M. Ridker, D. I. Chasman, N. G. Martin, R. M. Cantor, C. C. Morton.

397W   Association of gene variants and biochemical markers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A. Jyothy, B. Ashrafunnisa, A. Venkateshwari, A. Munshi, S. V. Prasad.

398W   A family-based association study between vitiligo and positional candidate genes EDNRA, PTPN12, PTK2B and ADAM9. L. Nascimento, C. Silva de Castro, R. Werneck, M. Mira.

399W   CNV screening identifies chromosomal regions of interest and candidate genes in patients with orofacial clefts. M. Simioni, T. K. Araujo, C. V. Maurer-Morelli, I. Lopes-Cendes, V. L. Gil-da-Silva-Lopes.

400W   Analysis of VEGF (-634 C/G and 936 C/T) polymorphisms in T2D retinopathy patients from North India. H. Singh, V. Vanita.

401W   Angiotensin converting enzyme gene I/D polymorphism analysis in type 2 diabetic retinopathy patients from North India. V. Vanita, H. Singh, I. R. Singh, J. R. Singh.

402W   Genetically determined metabotypes in the context of complex diseases. C. Gieger, S.-Y. Shin, A.-K. Petersen, G. Zhai, T. D. Spector, N. Soranzo, K. Suhre.

403W   Elucidating gene pathways underlying insulin resistance using integrated approaches of genome-wide association study, expression QTLs and pathway analysis. K. Hao, X. Yang, J. W. Knowles, T. L. Assimes, H. J. Cordell, W. Xie, M. N. Weedon, H. Zhong, T. M. Frayling, L.-T. Ho, M. Keller, D. M. Greenawalt, D. M. Kemp, F. Abbasi, E. Ferrannini, J. Paananen, E. Ingelsson, L. M. Kaplan, P. S. Tsao, A. Attie, P. Lum, E. E. Schadt, M. Laakso, M. Walker, A. Hsiung, T. Quertermous, GENESIS, EUGENE2, SAPPHIRE, ULSAM, RISC.

404W   Genome-wide association study on the variation of quantitative trait may help identify important genetic variants for complex diseases: An example of CHD risk in T2D patients. Z. Liu, Q. Qi, F. Hu, L. Qi, L. Liang.

405W   Sub-phenotyping via Metropolis-coupled MCMC to improve the power in association studies. Z. Geng, S. Zölllner.

406W   Balanced translocations and inversions in the genome of Finns. T. Varilo, T. Luukkonen, M. Pöyhönen, L. Peltonen, A. Palotie, K. Aittomäki, J. Ignatius, K. O. J. Simola, J. D. Terwilliger, R. Salonen-Cajander.

407W   A chromosome 21 association study suggests DSCAM as a susceptibility locus for the Hirschsprung disease endophenotype in Down syndrome. A. S. Jannot, A. Pelet, A. Henrion-Caude, M. Masse-Morel, S. Arnold, I. Ceccherini, S. Borrego, R. M. W. Hofstra, A. Munnich, A. Chakravarti, J. Amiel, F. Clerget-Darpoux, S. Lyonnet.

408W   Prediction of complex multifactorial disease: Comparing family history and genetics. C. B. Do, J. M. Macpherson, D. A. Hinds, B. Naughton, U. Francke, N. Eriksson.

409W   Assessment of psoriatic quality of life and quantity of disease by using PDI and PASI. R. K. Golee, R. Singla, R. Kaur.

410W   Assessing pleiotropic influences on comorbid disease phenotypes. R. C. McEachin, A. Karnovsky, J. D. Cavalcoli, M. A. Sartor.

411W   Using protein-protein interactions to long QT syndrome proteins reveals networks underlying genetic association to QT interval variation. E. J. Rossin, A. Lundby, A. B. Steffensen, S. Pulit, P. DeBakker, A. Pfeufer, C. Newton-Cheh, K. Lage, J. Olsen.

412W   optiCall: A robust genotype calling algorithm for rare, low-frequency and common variants. T. Shah, C. A. Anderson.

413W   Assessment of methylation in combination with computational assessments of allelic imbalance in human fibroblasts. J. R. Wagner, B. Ge, S. Busche, T. Pastinen, M. Blanchette.

414W   Evidence of genetic interaction between SNPs in candidate genes that may confer increased risk for oral clefts. M. A. Mansilla, M. E. Cooper, K. Christensen, R. G. Munger, T. H. Beaty, M. L. Marazita, J. C. Murray.

415W   Genome-wide copy number analysis uncovers a new HSCR gene: NRG3. M. Garcia-Barcelo, C. S. M. Tand, M. T. So, C. R. Marshall, S. Scherer, S. Cherny, P. Sham, P. Tam.

416W   Finding structural variants in individual human genomes with Random Forests. J. J. Michaelson, J. Sebat.

417W   Identification of a novel clefting locus through genome-wide CNV analysis. A. L. Petrin, J. M. Dierdorff, B. A. Lentz, X. Hong, G. de la Garza, R. A. Cornell, J. C. Murray, J. R. Manak.

418W   Multi-allelic and complex copy number variations (CNVs) of contiguous genes for Fcγ receptors FCGR2 and FCGR3 and heat-shock protein HSP70 in healthy subjects and systemic lupus erythematosus. Y. L. Wu, B. Zhou, D. J. Birmingham, G. C. Higgins, L. A. Hebert, B. H. Rovin, C. Y. Yu.

419W   Eight novel susceptibility genes associated with type 2 diabetes and glycaemic traits in a gene rich linkage region on chromosome 3q for T2D and metabolic traits — What can be learnt? T. Andrew, W. Lau, K. Direk, H. Elding, N. Maniatis.

420W   Leveraging genome-wide association data to detect genetic pleiotropy at loci associated with glycmic and skeletal phenotypes. L. K. Billings, Y. H. Hsu, R. J. Ackerman, J. Dupuis, B. F. Voight, ARIC Study, ASCOT Study, SUVIMAX Study, Fenland Study, BHS Group, Amish Study, DESIR Study, French Obese, FamHS Study, Swedish Twins, GEMINAKAR, Finnish Twins, D. Karasik, J. B. Meigs, D. P. Kiel, J. C. Florez, DIAGRAM Consortium, GEFOS Consortium, MAGIC Investigators.

421W   Searching for low frequency functional variants in a region linked to type 2 diabetes. S. F. Field, I. Prokopenko, S. Tuna, C. Groves, P. Akin, J. Broxholme, L. J. Baier, C. Bogardus, J. Chan, S. K. Das, P. Froguel, R. Hanson, C. Hu, W. Jia, R. C. Ma, B. Mitchell, N. W. Rayner, A. R. Shuldiner, L. Stein, M. I. McCarthy, P. Deloukas, International Type 2 Diabetes 1q Consortium.

422W   Examination of rare variants in HNF4α in European Americans with type 2 diabetes. J. N. Hellwege, P. J. Hicks, N. D. Palmer, B. I. Freedman, D. W. Bowden.

423W   Using time-to-event analysis for genome-wide association study in a long-term cohort of diabetic retinopathy. S. M. Hosseini, K. Howard, A. P. Boright, L. Sun, A. D. Canty, S. B. Bull, B. E. Klein, R. Klein, A. D. Paterson.

424W   Fine-mapping haplotype analysis of established type 2 diabetes loci using the “Metabochip”. A. Kumar, A. P. Morris, R. Magi, P. Deloukas, P. Donnelly, T. Frayling, A. Hattersley, C. N. A. Palmer, A. D. Morris, M. I. McCarthy.

425W   Relationship between diabetes risk and admixture in post-menopausal African American and Hispanic American women. L. Qi, R. Nassir, R. Kosoy, L. Garcia, J. Curb, L. Tinker, B. Howard, J. Robbins, M. Seldin.

426W   Genetic role on sleep disorder. M. Falah, M. Asghari, M. Houshmand, M. Farhadi.

427W   Sequencing of whole blood cell RNA: Duplex-specific nuclease treatment for removal of abundant RNA species. K. Fitch, S. Luo, P. Beineke, H. Tao, M. Wu, S. Rosenberg, J. Wingrove.

428W   Increased African ancestry and decreased lung function in Puerto Rican and African American children with asthma and mediation by environmental risk factors. K. A. Drake, C. R. Gignoux, L. A. Roth, S. Sen, S. Thyne, P. Avila, L. Borrell, H. J. Farber, R. Kumar, W. Rodriguez-Cintron, J. Rodriguez-Santana, D. Serebrisky, M. Lenoir, K. Meade, E. Brigino-Buenaventura, E. G. Burchard.

429W   Genetic vectors: Consolidated genotyping data, in association study of rheumatoid arthritis. I. Sandalov, L. Padyukov.

430W   Novel approaches for discovery and replication in large scale association studies. D. V. Zaykin, C.-L. Kuo.

431W   Interpreting familial whole-genome sequencing data for the identification of genetic variants influencing epilepsy susceptibility. E. K. Ruzzo, E. L. Heinzen, R. Wedel, K. V. Shianna, D. Ge, R. Ottman, D. B. Goldstein.

432W   Chronic rhinosinusitis in cystic fibrosis heterozygotes. A. Powers, W. Regelmann, J. Phillips, C. Milla, X. Wang.

433W   A Note on robust TDT-type test under informative parental missingness. J. Chen, K. Cheng.

Evolutionary and Population Genetics


434W   Bioinformatic analysis of protein turnover of intronless gene products. T. O. Onabanjo, R. J. Slater, E. A. Bryson, N. C. Madu, R. te Boekhorst.

435W   The influence of real-life topologies on Boolean models of gene regulatory networks. C. Darabos, F. DiCunto, M. Tomassini, P. Provero, M. Giacobini, J. H. Moore.

436W   Compensatory amino acid changes as a signal of human disease. D. Jordan, I. Adzhubey, S. Sunyaev.

437W   Impact of genetic variants on coding genes: genomic sequence and protein structure conservation. E. Khurana, L. Habegger, A. Abyzov, M. Gerstein.

438W   Genetic structure of Jewish populations on the basis of genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms. N. M. Kopelman, L. Stone, D. G. Hernandez, D. Gefel, A. B. Singleton, E. Heyer, M. W. Feldman, J. Hillel, N. A. Rosenberg.

439W   Estimating a date of mixture of ancestral South Asian populations. P. Moorjani, N. Patterson, P. Govindaraj, L. Singh, K. Thangaraj, D. Reich.

440W   The influence of whole genome duplication and subsequent diversification on environmental robustness and evolutionary innovation in gene regulatory networks. Q. Pan, C. Darabos, A. Tyler, J. Payne, J. H. Moore.

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493W Unprogrammed presentation number

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Gene Structure and Gene Product Function


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899W Unprogrammed presentation number

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Technology Advancement


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Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology


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Genetic Counseling and Clinical Testing


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1063W   U.K. recognition of international genetic counsellor training and registration: A continuing dialogue. B. Stayner, J. Walford-Moore, A. Middleton on behalf of Genetic Counsellor Registration Board.

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Molecular Basis of Mendelian Disorders


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1072W   Regulation of PLP1 alternative splicing by secondary structure. G. Hobson, J. Taube, K. Sperle, B. Cavan, J. Garbern.

1073W   Splice site variants in the Wilson disease gene, ATP7B, that affect splicing of an exon 18 minigene. G. Macintyre, A. M. E. Wilson, D. W. Cox.

1074W   Discovery of mRNA splicing mutations in the human gene mutation database by SNP-based information theory prediction confirmed by expression microarray analysis. E. J. Mucaki, X. Sun, P. K. Rogan.

1075W   Novel MFN2 mutations in two familial cases with Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2A. M. Muglia, A. Patitucci, D. Messina, A. Magariello, G. Nicoletti, R. Mazzei, F. L. Conforti, C. Ungaro, L. Citrigno, I. Mikerezi, W. Sproviero, A. Gambardella.

1076W   Deep intronic mutations flanking the alternatively spliced NF1 exon 31/23a cause missplicing preferentially including exon 31/23a in the transcript. J. Xie, T. Callens, J. Williams, L. Messiaen.

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1088W   Leri Weill syndrome caused by a duplication of cis-regulatory DNA elements downstream of SHOX gene. D. Coviello, L. Capone, M. Baffico, R. Bertorelli, L. Iughetti, B. Predieri, S. Vanelli, B. Stasiowska, M. Baldi, A. Forabosco.

1089W   Musculo-contractural Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS type VIB): A new EDS-subtype caused by a defect in proteoglycan biosynthesis. A. De Paepe, P. Vlummens, D. Syx, S. Nampoothiri, S. Symoens, F. Malfait.

1090W   Novel canine chondrodysplasia mutation. K. Kyöstilä, H. Lohi.

1091W   Identification by exome sequencing of truncating mutations in the last exon of NOTCH2 as a cause of Hajdu-Cheney syndrome, a rare disorder with osteoporosis. C. Le Caignec, B. Isidor, P. Lindenbaum, O. Pichon, S. Bezieau, C. Dina, S. Jacquemont, D. Martin-Coignard, C. Thauvin-Robinet, M. Le Merrer, J. L. Mandel, A. David, L. Faivre, V. Cormier-Daire, R. Redon.

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1094W   Whole-exome sequencing in Fine-Lubinsky syndrome reveals a promising candidate gene. D. R. Murdock, P. Campeau, J. Lu, M.-C. Gingras, D. Scott, R. Gibbs, B. Lee.

1095W   The ratio of urinary pyridinoline to deoxypyridinoline crosslinks — A promising diagnostic tool in osteogenesis imperfecta. M. Rohrbach, M. Kraenzlin, D. Eyre, I. Kennerknecht, C. Netzer, O. Semler, F. Rutsch, B. Steinmann, M. R. Baumgartner, C. Giunta.

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1105W   Spatacsin gene mutations are a frequent cause of recessive spastic paraplegia but are rare in juvenile recessive forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. C. Gellera, B. Castellotti, V. Pensato, R. Fancellu, E. Salsano, D. Pareyson, D. Di Bella, C. Mariotti, F. Taroni.

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1114W   Aniridia and autism in a Greek male child with a de novo heterozygous PAX6 (Arg317X) mutation: Is there a linked etiopathogenesis? A. Psychogios.

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1139W   Exome sequencing strategy in a family with congenital fiber-type disproportion and insulin resistance reveals an unexpected excess of non-synonymous variants. T. Esposito, D. Formicola, S. Magliocca, M. Simonetti, O. Farina, F. Cipullo, S. Sampaolo, F. Gianfrancesco, G. Di Iorio.

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1142W   Mutations in MAP3K1 cause 46, XY DSDs by shifting the balance in downstream signaling pathways. J. Loke, A. Pearlman, S. Blais, T. Neubert, H. Ostrer.

1143W   Identification of a novel missense mutation in exon 4 of the human factor VIII gene associated with severe hemophilia A patient. H. Onsori, M. A. Hosseinpour Feizi, Sh. Mintasser Kouhsari, A. A. Hosseinpour Feizi.

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1146W   Microarray-based copy number analysis can identify genomic disruptions of PHEX causing X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets. S. Mumm, D. Wenkert, M. Huskey, V. A. Wollberg, M. P. Whyte.

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Cancer Genetics


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1235W Unprogrammed presentation number

1236W   Genetic and functional evidence of the presence of a tumor suppressor gene in 3p12-cen region in a model of epithelial ovarian cancer. K. Gambaro, P. M. Wojnarowicz, M. de Ladurantaye, K. Leclerc Désaulniers, V. Barrčs, J.-S. Ripeau, S. L. Arcand, J. Lavoie, D. M. Provencher, A.-M. Mes-Masson, M. Chevrette, P. N. Tonin.

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Metabolic Disorders


1288W   15 years experience :Egyptian metabolic lab. E. M. Fateen, A. Gouda, M. Mahmoud.

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1291W   TIDE-BC: Implementation of an evidence-based protocol to identify treatable metabolic disorders causing intellectual disability. C. van Karnebeek, S. Stockler.

1292W   Five maple syrup urine disease case reports in a 16-year period of time at the Hospital para el Nino Poblano, Mexico. H. Velazquez, J. Aparicio, M. L. Hurtado, I. Marroquin, A. G. Rojas, P. Concha, F. Gutierrez, R. Herrera, E. Huitzil.

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1301W   Correlation assessment among clinical phenotypes, expression analysis and molecular modeling of 14 uncharacterized mutations in the human galactose-1 phosphate uridylyltransferase gene. M. Tang, A. Facchiano, R. Rachamadugu, F. Calderon, R. Mao, L. Milanesi, A. Marabotti, K. Lai.

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1305W   First clues of a possible inflammation process in MPS IVA (Morquio): Keratan sulfate-induced macrophage activation. Y. Zhu, M. Vellard.

1306W   Genome-wide expression profiling in the Sjögren-Larsson syndrome. J.-B. Roullet, S. Impey, Q. Yang, R. D. Steiner, W. Rizzo.

1307W   Genetics variants implicated in COPII-mediated vesicle formation in chylomicron retention disease. R. Sanchez, E. Levy, C. Garofalo, D. Sinnett.

1308W   Evaluation of endothelial function by endothelial pulse amplitude testing in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis. S. Yano, K. Moseley.

1309W   Generation of a mouse model of the attenuated type I form of sialidosis. E. Bonten, G. Yogalingam, H. Hu, E. Gomero, A. d'Azzo.

1310W   Genes mediating natural variation in ER stress response. C. Y. Chow, M. F. Wolfner, A. G. Clark.

1311W   Plasmalogen deficiency in the PEX7 hypomorphic mouse, a model for rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata, causes neonatal lethality associated with abnormalities in late lung maturation. W. Cui, X. He, S. Jiralerspong, G. Nimmo, Y. Chen, J. Hacia, S. Steinberg, A. Moser, N. Braverman.

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1318W   Effects of genetic variants and nutritional factors on metabolic diseases among Chinese populations. X. Lin.

1319W   Neonatal multiple sulfatase deficiency with tetralogy of Fallot: Homozygosity for a novel mutation. F. Al Jasmi, J. Hertecant, L. Al Gazali.

1320W   A 680 kb duplication at the FTO locus in a subject with extreme obesity. R. W. Davies, P. Lau, R. Dent, R. McPherson.

1321W   Association between BMI variants previously identified in adult populations in association with adolescent BMI in an ethnically-diverse cohort. M. Graff, K. E. North, K. L. Mohlke, L. A. Lange, E. M. Lange, C. S. Fox, L. A. Cupples, K. M. Harris, P. Gordon-Larsen.

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1323W   Variants in or near PNPLA3, GCKR and PPP1R3B associate with ultrasound-defined steatosis in NHANES III. R. Hernaez, J. McLean, M. Lazo, F. L. Brancati, J. N. Hirschhorn, T. Nguyen, I. R. Kamel, S. Bonekamp, J. M. Clark, W. H. L. Kao, E. K. Speliotes.

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1326W   MTHFR C677T and MTHFR A1298C polymorphisms in Mexican patients with gestational diabetes mellitus. I. P. Davalos, K. I. Lares-Castellanos, J. P. Mena-Ramírez, M. Salazar-Páramo, E. L. Chávez-González, I. M. Salazar-Dávalos, M. G. González-Mercado, M. A. Aceves-Aceves, F. Grover-Páez.

1327W   Genetic variation in UBE2E2 is associated with risk of type II diabetes in a European population. A. Dehghan, E. J. G. Sijbrands, A. Hofman, A. G. Uitterlinden, J. C. M. Witteman.

1328W   Three obesity-related loci are associated with insulin resistance independently of body mass index. T. Fall, J. Ärnlöv, C. Berne, E. Ingelsson.

1329W   Fine-scale genetic mapping reveals multiple signals of association in type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci. T. Ferreira, J. Yang, M. E. Goddard, A. Mahajan, T. M. Teslovich, N. W. Rayner, B. F. Voight, H. Khan, P. M. Visscher, M. I. McCarthy, A. P. Morris on behalf of DIAGRAM Consortium.

1330W   Mutational spectrum in a sample of Mexican patients with Hunter syndrome (MPSII): A preliminary report. M. Alcantara, A. González -del Ángel, L. Fernández-Hernández, B. García de Teresa B.

1331W   Screening for MPS VI in newborns on a high-incidence area of Northeast Brazil. F. Bender, T. Amorim, A. X. Acosta, F. Costa-Motta, A. Purificacao, M. G. Burin, R. Giugliani, S. Leistner-Segal.

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1333W   Variation in heat-shock 70kDa protein 5 (HSPA5) is associated with longitudinal change in body fat. M. H. Black, R. M. Watanabe, M. Takayanagi, E. Trigo, J. Hartiala, H. Allayee, J. M. Lawrence, T. A. Buchanan, A. H. Xiang.

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1335W   Cognitive testing in patients with Fabry disease: a pilot study using a computerized, self-administered tool. D. Elstein, G. P. Doniger, E. Simon, G. Altarescu.

1336W   Evaluation of plasma globotriaosylsphingosine in patients with Anderson - Fabry disease in Brazil on enzyme replacement therapy with agalsidase alfa. W. Marques, Jr., O. M. Vieira Neto, M. Moysés Neto, I. M. Furquim, A. C. Paula, J. C. Coelho, C. M. Lourenco.

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1338W   Two cases of congenital disorders of glycosylation type II without detectable defect in conserved oligomeric Golgi subunits. D. Handa, R. Gilbert, B. Ng, M. Kozenko, M. Ssybowska, H. Freeze, C. Li.

Ethical, Legal, Social and Policy Issues in Genetics


1339W   Genetic counseling of donor gamete use: The problems presented by donor anonymity. J. L. Lauzon, J. R. Guichon, I. Mitchell.

1340W   Genetic diseases in the next edition of the International Classification of Diseases: Challenges and opportunities. S. Aymé, A. Olry, B. Bellet, A. Rath.

1341W   Digi-ID: From researcher/resource traceability to participant de-identification. M. Deschenes, A. Brookes, P. Burton, A. Cambon-Thomsen, J. Kaye, B. M. Knoppers, L. Mabile, M. Murtagh, A.-M. Tassé, G. Thorisson, S. Wallace, BRIF Working Group.

1342W   Human genome shares genes from lower plants and animals: Patenting genes is biologically undesired !! H. K. Goswami.

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Prenatal and Perinatal Genetics


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Reproductive Genetics


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1465W   Apoptosis is not the mechanism for embryo self correction of aneuploidy at the blastocyst stage. B. R. McCallie, R. Loper, H. Buttermore, W. B. Schoolcraft, M. G. Katz-Jaffe.

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